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3 Online Tools that Can Make Your Everyday Living Easier

Many things have become infinitely easier thanks to the internet. There are many things you can do with one device, including paying your bills, planning a trip, and keeping in touch. Apps and websites, as well as online tools, can help you be more productive and save money. It can take you minutes, or even seconds to move from one task to the next.

Are you making the most of the many resources online? These three tools will help you make your daily life easier.

A Versatile Calculator/Converter

Convertors and calculators can be extremely useful tools that will help you become a better planner. Improper calculations can lead to a distorted view of the world and undermine your plans. You need to know exactly “how much”, how many, and “how large” in order to pay your bills, plan a long-distance vacation, or buy furniture.

The Calculator Site has a huge collection of calculators and converters that can help you plan your financial future. This amazing tool allows you to easily project your needs based on numbers, dimensions, sizes and other variables.

A Password Management Tool

Each internet user has multiple accounts on many different websites and apps. It is a bad idea to use the same password across all accounts. This increases your chance of your accounts being hacked. It can be difficult to remember a password for each app or website, especially when you have multiple devices. A password management tool can be compared to a safe box in the digital age. It can help you protect your financial information as well as privacy.

LastPass and 1Password are password managers that help protect your bank accounts and social media profiles. Only one password will be required: the manager’s.

Offline maps

A map offline on your phone is a great way to save time and avoid frustration if you travel often or love exploring your city. What happens if your data is lost or you can’t find Wi-Fi? What happens if you don’t have cell reception? Google Maps is one the most popular apps in the world. One of the greatest features of Google Maps that most people don’t know is the ability to download offline maps for any area.

Another option is Maps(, an offline map with high-quality detail that includes remote and urban areas. This app is extremely useful for those who travel off-grid and enjoy outdoor activities like mountain biking or hiking.

Final Words

Smartphones have revolutionized the world, even though they’ve only been around for a few years. You’d be amazed at the number of things you can do with a small device that fits in your pocket. Are there apps and websites that can help you live a better life or improve your work performance? You might be surprised at the number of options available.

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