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How to Repair PDFs Without a Software

Portable Document Format (PDF), has been a popular file format. It has gained more acceptance due to its stability, security and integrity.

PDF is now the preferred format for official statements, resumes and product introduction brochures for companies. It isn’t without its problems.

Sometimes, PDF users may encounter PDF corruption. This can cause users to be unable to open files, and they may feel panicked about the possibility of losing their important data.

This article will address the possible causes of PDF corruption, how to prevent it from happening, and how to fix it using any device.

The Main Reasons For PDF Corruption and Damage

While there are many benefits to PDF files, they can easily become corrupted. Even though this is unlikely to happen often, it can lead to missing data. It is important to understand why it happens so you can take the necessary precautions to ensure your PDF documents are protected.

Let’s now look at the most common reasons your PDF file could become corrupted or damaged.

A sub-par PDF creator

A PDF file created with poor quality or sub-par creators will likely result in a corrupt or damaged PDF. You should seek out ways to fix a PDF. There are many PDF creators available on the App Store. To avoid the possibility of creating a corrupt PDF, make sure you verify its authenticity.

Overusing a PDF can also lead to a corrupt file, regardless of how superior the creator was. This is mainly due to software glitches.

Direct Online View

A corrupted PDF can also be caused by a view of the document online without saving it to your computer. The opening process can be delayed or stopped if you view a PDF document online.

A PDF file can become corrupt if it is opened with a browser and not a PDF reader. This can be avoided by downloading a PDF file to your computer and then opening it using a PDF reader.

Sometimes, your browser may not allow you to open PDF documents via a link. This is because your browser does not have the necessary plug-in that will allow you to open PDFs.

Uncompressed PDF files sent via email could also cause them to be corrupted

Connection Problems While Downloading

Connection failures can also cause corrupted PDFs. This happens when a PDF is downloading, which causes it to download only in part. This can occur due to power outages, HDD failures, system crashes, viruses attacks, and other factors.

Sometimes, a PDF file can be corrupted by being altered or printed.

How to Fix a PDF

There are many online and offline tools that can repair a PDF. It is important to remember that not all data can be recovered. To prevent data loss, ensure you have a complete backup of your PDF document.

Not all corrupt PDFs are able to be repaired, but if any of these error messages appear, it is possible to restore your file data. Even though the error isn’t listed, data recovery may still be successful.

Format error – This is not a PDF File.

Your software cannot read PDF

This page was not being processed due to an error

Root object is missing or invalid

File damaged or corrupt

It has information that is not understood by the viewer

This document was opened incorrectly

In this article, we’ll show you how to repair a PDF file without using software.

If you find a corrupted PDF you can try the following: restoring from a backup, downloading the source and restoring the files from an earlier version if editing. If none of these options work, you can follow these steps to quickly and easily repair your document.

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Step 2. Step 2.


Step 3. Step 3.


Protect your PDF Files

While most file retrieval tools can restore lost PDF documents, it is worth implementing some safe practices to protect them against damage and corruption.

Here are some simple ways to ensure your files remain intact as long as possible.

Download Before Viewing

Downloading PDF files as attachments is one of the best ways to protect your files. Users often view files without saving them first, which can cause file damage.

Before you view or print files, make sure to download them to your computer.

Never open a PDF file in a Web Browser

You can also prevent PDF files from being corrupted or damaged by not opening them in a browser. This will help you avoid searching for ways to fix a PDF. Even though most browsers can open PDFs, it is still easier to access them. Repeating this on a browser can cause damage to a PDF file.

The best way to view PDF documents is to download and then use a PDF reader. To prevent a PDF from becoming corrupted, clear your browser’s cache.

Keep the system intact

Make sure that you have a working internet connection, a reliable Internet provider, and a good backup system. This will ensure that the PDF file is not interrupted or damaged during downloading.

A virus attack can also affect your files, including PDF documents. Make sure your system is virus-free.

Use the Authentic PDF Creator and Reader Tool

There are many PDF readers and creators online. However, it is important to ensure that you only use genuine and compatible PDF readers to avoid damaging your files.

There are several ways to fix a PDF file that has been damaged or corrupted. You can use PDF repair tools online, as well as manually. It is best to prevent the destruction or corruption of PDF files. However, no PDF repair can restore all your files.

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