Radio Gig in New Hampshire fires Karen Radio Host

This latest news is breaking across all TV and social media channels. Karen’s radio host fired for her racially-offensive behavior.

You can check out the Fubar News update that is being covered in the media. This statement is as follows:

“Dianna Ploss is not associated with WSMN or Bartis-Russell Broadcasting, LLC. WSMN supports freedom of speech, expression, and gathering. We don’t accept any form of discrimination, harassment or discrimination. There are still opportunities for education and on-air discussion.

An incident occurred when Dianna Ploss, a radio host, was walking alongside a group of Hispanic construction workers working along a road in Nashua. It was the 10th of July, and workers were having a great day at work. They also chatted with each other using their informal spoken languages. When she saw their conversation, the whole thing started. She was furious at them and praised their use of Spanish, their native language, when they were on the grounds in the United States. She lashed at them, blaming them all for restricting their freedom to speak and calling them all liars. She mocked the people who were living in their home countries and used the term “Communism to summarize the whole activity log. They were taking over the streets, she declared.

Despite being mostly silent, workers spoke with their coworkers.

Karen: Are you talking in English? It is America, so why don’t you speak English?

Laborers: …….

Karen You are the state’s employer and must be able speak English. She insisted on using English as her language.

Laborers: …….

The reporter also criticized those who were accused of being degraded or accused of working against the state in which they live. Workers offered a reasonable response, “We work to the benefit of a privately owned company.”

She is not justified in her racial rant. Take a look at what she said.

She continued to insist on the urgent phrases and said, “This is America. Talk English.” She also spoke of the company they were working with, which was called Morin’s Landscaping.

The media was in a frenzy over this news. Ploss, a Trump supporter and former host of WSMN radio station, recorded the live stream via Facebook with her hands and released the video.

Millions watched the clip, which clearly shows the actions of an African American man, who approaches the woman without saying a word and attempts stop her from making these threats. He then asks her why she blames these gentlemen. She replies that she is not supposed to be rude. She did not consider his suggestions and reprimanded her for wearing a MASK over his face. Then she continued to spread her message that Americans are not supposed communicate in other languages than English. He was called a “Social Justice Warrior” by her ridicule. She continues the joke by calling him a “Social Justice Warrior”. This was one reason Karen radio host was fired.

Others referred to Karen as an aggressive pejorative Karen, while others used terms such as “extremist”, “eccentric” and “extremist” to describe her. Some people criticised her because they believed she was the first to wear the mask before targeting others in the midst a deadly epidemic.

Comments from the public

Some public comments that caught the attention of social media have received an important message. We need to review these messages!

“The crazy thing about this whole situation is that Ploss recorded it herself, which means that she considers herself a proud patriot for harassing innocent men” Jacob Marley Jacob Marley

Carolyn Bridgeman, another critic, stated that she did not grasp the fact that freedom of speech allows people to use any language in America.

These testimonials are abundant on every online platform. Their career was destroyed is not something they regret. They place morality and human rights above all else. Anyone who would deny freedom and human rights to others is guilty of a crime that should be punished. It’s the 21st Century and everyone has 100 freedom to make all the decisions in his life, have the freedom to express himself and spread the flag for his rights. Negative media coverage will be directed at anyone who displays inhumane behavior by any person, regardless of race, occupation, or social status, and no matter what his background. Humanity is the most important thing!

We will return to Karen, the radio host who was fired after her racist rant. BartisRussell and WSMN Nashua were also removed from her. We will investigate the consequences of what she said and the words that she used. No government, media, or public will allow her to take a break. Surprisingly, she tried to justify her actions using a series of social media posts in which she used a smug tone, such as “I amn’t backing down”, which showed her support for the unjust treatment. To show her appreciation for her country, she used emoticons made from American flags to make her point. Another post was written to American Patriots, people who supported Karen. It mocked people who don’t believe Americans should only speak English in America.

People around the globe are furious at her unapologetic behavior and have expressed their anger at her conduct. More than 10k people signed petitions calling for the dismissal of the employee within two days. This escalated the anger to an even greater level.

Final Thoughts

People travel across subcontinents and do not know the language of the countries they are visiting. It is not recommended to use this time and effort for communication. The landscaping workers were hired to do the job and to earn a living. It is absolutely unacceptable to target them and remove them in the language they speak.

This is hate speech. This is hate speech. Kimberly Guilfoyle, the mother of Ronan Anthony Villency, is an important member of American News – American News has done a lot of work in this area.

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