Revealing the Extremely Easy Way to Bet on PUBG at New88 Bookmaker

PUBG betting is one of the popular forms of betting in our Esports lobbyBookmaker New88.com. Thanks to the easy playing process and not too difficult to understand betting rules, the game has attracted many participants. To learn more about this hot reward game, please follow our article below.

How are PUBG odds understood?

Currently, PUBG is a video game chosen by many players in Vietnam and around the world. There have been many large and small PUBG tournaments on both mobile and PC. Through that, the house has created conditions for countless betting enthusiasts to predict wins and losses and express their belief in their luck in gambling.

PUBG betting is a form in which players will bet on a match in a tournament to predict the winning team. All reward and betting activities are entirely done at the house. Nowadays there are many PUBG tournaments for players to participate in at any time. With system PUBG odds diversity, you can easily earn extra income for yourself.

A battle will involve hundreds of people, but only the last few survivors will win. Experience in using guns and good aiming will help players easily defeat opponents. And the task of the bettor is to predict who will win the battle.

Instructions on the easy steps to place PUBG bets at New88

To participate in PUBG betting at New88, you just need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Access the link provided by the house

First you need to go to the main link of bookmaker New88 and select the PUBG game genre from the Esports lobby. Then you need to log in to the account you registered previously and link it to your bank account to perform transactions with the house.

Step 2: Select a match to place a bet

After choosing the PUBG game, the house will display many ongoing matches. They will be arranged by time and tournament so players can easily update and choose their favorite team to bet on.
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Next, the player will click on the selected battle to be redirected to another page. On this link there will be specific information between the participating teams, players can also rely on it to evaluate the strength and weakness of the two teams and then proceed to place PUBG bets.

Step 3: Proceed with PUBG betting operations

After you have chosen the match to bet on, please complete the bet ticket according to the system’s requirements. For bet types, members can choose one of the following:

  • Handicap bet: The player chooses a winning team and places a PUBG bet on that team.
  • Over/under bet: The match takes place within 2-3 matches to determine the winner or loser.
  • Champion team bet: Players bet on the final winning team or the team that has won a series of matches.
  • Bet game 1 First to Reach 5 Kills: Bet on the first team to get 5 kills.
  • Bet game 1 Duration: Bet if the match time is shorter or longer than 35 minutes.

Step 4: Choose the odds

Once you have completed betting on PUBG, players should continue to choose the odds they want to place. Once completed, click the Confirm button to save your actions. Note that once the system has received the bet ticket, you will not be able to cancel or postpone but must wait until the results are announced to see if you win or not.

Why should you play PUBG betting at New88?

Among the many esports betting games at New88, PUBG is always loved and chosen by many players because of the following advantages:

Diverse different PUBG bets

The most attractive point of the PUBG betting game is that there are many different betting odds for you to comfortably participate. This is something that not all betting addresses can do. Whenever there is a need to participate in betting, New88 members can find a suitable match to bet on and satisfy their entertainment desires.

Green nine reward form

Coming to New88, you will not have to worry about any issues related to the reward redemption mechanism. All members’ bonuses, if they win, will be added directly to the main wallet immediately. You can withdraw money to the bank or exchange it for a scratch card as you like without any problems.


Our above article has helped you learn more about PUBG betting here New88. It’s easy to see that this is the prize exchange game with the largest number of participants today. If you are a lover of this game and want to get rich, come to the bookmaker today to place a bet.

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