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Sungrow Launches IDC180E: The Future-Proof DC Fast Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

Sungrow, a global leader in renewable integrated charger + PV + energy storage solutions, is excited to introduce the IDC180E, a cutting-edge DC Fast Charging Station that promises to redefine the electric vehicle (EV) charging experience. With its unparalleled efficiency, reliability, user-friendliness, and forward-looking features, Sungrow continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the realm of sustainable transportation.

Unmatched Efficiency and Power Allocation

The IDC180E boasts an impressive efficiency of up to 96%, ensuring that energy utilization is maximized and waste is minimized. Its dynamic power allocation feature intelligently distributes power between different outlets, optimizing the charging process for multiple EVs simultaneously. The innovative cooling system further enhances its efficiency, making it an ideal choice for high-demand charging scenarios.

Unwavering Reliability and Convenience

Designed with durability in mind, the IDC180E carries an IP65 rating, safeguarding it against dust and rain. Its projected service lifetime of over 10 years ensures long-lasting performance and exceptional value for users. Additionally, the charging station’s maintenance-free design, devoid of filters, simplifies upkeep and minimizes operational disruptions.

User-Friendly and Future-Ready

The IDC180E is equipped with a durable cable management system, providing a neat and organized charging environment. It ensures easy access for wheelchair users, promoting inclusivity and accessibility. Various payment options cater to the diverse preferences of users, making the charging process seamless. Moreover, the station’s compatibility with new car models and backends, along with its support for OCPP 2.0.1 and Plug & Charge, positions it as a future-proof solution. Its integration capabilities with photovoltaic (PV) and battery systems reflect Sungrow’s commitment to holistic and sustainable energy solutions.


Sungrow’s IDC180E DC Fast Charging Station represents a significant leap forward in the world of electric vehicle charging. With its exceptional efficiency, reliability, user-friendliness, and adaptability to future advancements, it stands as a beacon of progress in sustainable transportation. The IDC180E not only provides a state-of-the-art charging experience but also embodies Sungrow’s dedication to creating a greener, more efficient, and inclusive future for all electric vehicle enthusiasts.

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