The Best Home Exercises and Workouts for Back Health

Australia has 4 million people living with back problems. This is 16% of the population. You could be one of these people if you have trouble sitting for long periods or moving around because of a painful lumbar region or feel tension in your spine. Many movements such as twisting, lifting and bending are also performed by the muscles of the back. You can exercise at home, which is a good thing.

Sometimes, people become so used to these problems that they don’t need to report them to their doctor. There are many options to strengthen your back and prevent potential problems. Let’s look at some home exercises that can help strengthen your back.

Warming up and stretching are required

You could inflict injury to your back or worsen the situation. Do some cardio to warm up. This will also be beneficial for your overall health. One thing is important.

For back pain that is not yet severe, consult your doctor. If you have back issues, a Brisbane back specialist can help you create an exercise program that is right for you.

Include the plank pose in your exercise program

Plank is a great way for strengthening your back muscles. This is a great way to improve your posture, and it can also prevent back pain. It also strengthens your core, arms and back making it an all-body exercise. Keep your elbows below your shoulders, and don’t elevate your hips.

You will be able to maintain a healthy weight by reducing stress in the abdomen area and strengthening the muscles supporting the spine.

Does the bridge or butt bridge pose

Bridge pose is a type of yoga that strengthens the spine and helps stretch the back.

Bridge pose is a great position for people with tight hamstrings and lower back. You can do it anywhere and anytime. It will give you a quick stretch and loosen any tension in your lower back.

Bridge pose allows you to extend your spine by elevating it from the floor. This creates space between the vertebrae in your spine. This allows spinal fluid to flow freely and reduces pressure or pinching on the spinal discs.

It also lengthens and stretches all the muscles in your back, including your buttocks and hamstrings.

Downward facing dog pose

Your back will benefit from the downward-facing dog position. This is a good stretch for your spine and hamstrings.

You can do this pose from the floor, or on a mat with your hands on the ground. It will all depend on how flexible the person is. Your body shape should look like the letter V. However, your core, arms and legs should be strong.

Superman or swan dive pose

This pose can also be used to release tension and stress in the neck and back.

Swan dive poses are great for stretching the neck and back. This pose is different from the Superman pose in that you lie on your stomach and not on your back.

You can do the swan dive with either one or both arms out in front, depending on how you feel.


This exercise can also be used to strengthen your chest and arms.

Face down on the ground. To raise your body straighten your legs, balance on your hands and toes. Keep your wrists under your shoulders, and your hands shoulder-width apart.

To lower your body, bend your elbows towards your body. (Maintain your body straight).

Slowly lower your body until your chest is about an inch above the ground. Return to your starting position, and do it again as necessary.

When doing this, it is important to not bend your back. No matter how many times you repeat, it is important to do them correctly.

Stretch like you’re a cat

You can combine this exercise with the cobra stretch, which also stretches your stomach. The cat stretching exercise involves flexing your back. While the cobra stretch requires you to flex your back inwards, it is possible to do both. These simple and effective exercises can help you prevent back pain. This is particularly important for people who live a sedentary life. If you are already experiencing back pain, consult a back specialist. You can always look for additional exercises to complement your exercise routine.

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