Why choose Soundcore Motion Outdoor Speakers?

Outdoor speakers offer a better alternative to traditional sound systems. They are also much more affordable. They are cheaper than hiring a whole sound system for the day. Some sound systems can be more difficult to use and may require additional technical support. Outdoor speakers don’t require large setups. All you need is a Bluetooth device and one person to play the songs. Outdoor speakers, on the other hand, require more power and energy, while sound systems use more energy. They only need to charge once per day.

Outdoor speakers are indispensable for camping, traveling, and even just having a good time at the beach. Because they are so loud, outdoor speakers can be used to transmit audio and music far away, making sure that no one is left behind.

These are some of the things to consider when selecting an outdoor speaker.

This article will discuss outdoor speaker buying considerations as well as why the Soundcore motion series outdoor speakers are the best.

1. Portable

The size and portability of outdoor speakers are important factors to consider when choosing them. Some portable speakers even come with a strap to allow you to wear halter-style neckwear. They also don’t weigh much so they are easy to fit in your car or luggage.

The Motion Boom and Motion Boom Plus can be used wirelessly, so you don’t have to worry about tangled wires.

2. Sound

Outdoor speakers produce an incredible outdoor sound that covers a large area. The Motion Boom Plus features two 30W woofers, and two 10W tweeters to produce 80W. Outdoor speakers are hard to miss with Bass-up technology’s enhanced bass. These features enable sound to fill the whole party, making it easy for everyone to participate. The speaker can cover 300 people, which is huge considering its size.

3. Waterproof

Motion Boom Plus and Motion Boom Plus are IPX7 certified, which protects them from water or dust attacks. These speakers can withstand the worst. It is lightweight so it can rise again if it gets submerged in water. It would still function flawlessly and produce the same powerful sound as before.

4. Long-lasting Battery

The speakers’ 13400mAh battery can last for years. They can last forever without needing to be recharged due to their 20-hour battery life. They can last for days without needing to be recharged, even at the end of a long hike or party. This allows you to enjoy your music uninterrupted. It is also possible to charge your Motion Boom or Motion Boom Plus completely by connecting them to any other device. Its battery will never run out.

Easily Accessible

Motion Boom Plus and Motion Boom use Bluetooth 5.0 for connecting to other devices. The latest technology allows you to control your music from afar and stream without interruption. This allows for a stable and real-time connection. A cable can also be used to connect to the speaker if your device doesn’t have Bluetooth. Soundcore also allows you to adjust the sound to your preference using the Soundcore app. You can adjust the volume or accent vocals to suit your needs.


Outdoor speakers are one of the most rewarding investments you can make. The Motion Boom Plus and Motion Boom Plus offer great value. They are affordable and long-lasting. They are durable and can last for years without any problems. These are important features to consider when selecting outdoor speakers. Outdoor speakers will bring life to any party.

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