5 Ways to Catch Over and Under to Increase Winning Rate to 99%



How to catch over/under It is always an issue that attracts the attention of many players. Although it is just an entertainment game, victory is probably the final destination of the bettor.  New88today article today will introduce and guide you on how to apply top strategies for predicting over/under.

What is over/under betting?

Sicbo is a vibrant betting game originating from Chinese folk culture. The rules of playing Sicbo are increasingly developed and perfected, until now they are popular everywhere.How to catch over/under gradually formed in that process, becoming a familiar activity for bettors before placing money.

This form not only increases excitement and drama, but also creates opportunities for players to earn a lot of money. The most common method is to calculate from the results of the previous 10 – 20 rounds. However, to adapt to the rules of Sic Bo, there are more and more different ways of predicting.

5 ways to catch over/under at New88 Not everyone knows

Over/Under is a game where you win a little but lose a lot. This is the opinion of those who have never applied the following super effective strategies.Bookmaker  New88 Please refer to:

Predict the structure of the bridge to hit

Before choosing a bet, you need to observe a few games to determine the type of bet. Rules and bridges only appear after 2 – 4 games.

  • Flat bridge: This type is most common in the way of betting over and under, the signal is the result of the bet continuously returning over or under. Players just need to place in the correct sequence, but remember to finish before entering the 5th game.
  • 1 – 1 reverse bridge: If you recognize this type of bridge, the bettor has a chance of winning up to 99%. Accordingly, over and under will alternate.
  • Bridge 3 – 2 – 1: Must analyze 5 games onwards to predict this bridge. The first 3 games will all be over, followed by 2 unders, and in the last game, you strongly bet on over.
  • Symmetrical reverse bridge: This type of bridge is the most difficult to play, only suitable for skilled players, because you must find a symmetrical point.

How to bet on over/under to raise money

The strategy of raising over/under is simply to bet on 1 single bet of 3 or more games. Players should monitor the history of recent matches to determine which side wins the most.

Choose the right option and bet continuously, waiting for the money to come back. Although the winning rate is quite stable, this method is only suitable for those who own large capital, have playing experience and can easily keep calm.

Relying on the bridge of over or under

A tilted bridge represents the decision to choose over or under with a tendency to tilt to one side. For example, in the last 10 rounds, 9 games you played over, and only 1 time you chose under, this is called an over bet.

To choose the best tilt starting gate, you should study the results and monitor the playing style of the experts at the table. If selectedHow to catch over/underIf you are inclined, you must follow through until the end, do not change your decision too suddenly. Failure to persevere will cause you to both lose all your capital and “be bitter” if the bet you choose appears.
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Try breaking the over/under bridge

A broken bridge occurs when the span of the bridge has unusual changes and no longer follows the same rules as previous plays. For example: If you are playing in a series of 1 over and 2 under, then the last return will suddenly be over. Not being able to recognize the bridge will cause you to almost lose everything.

Therefore, it is necessary to constantly monitor the results table on the screen. In case the bridge score has a large difference compared to the predicted score, immediately change the strategy or stop betting.

How to catch spiritual fortune

This trick sounds quite absurd, but it has been used by many people and is successful. If you are unfortunately stuck and do not recognize any of the signs of the above formulas, you can use spiritual factors to intervene.

When you are thinking about playing over (or under), something suddenly happens that requires you to pause for a few seconds. At that time, remember this tip and choose the opposite direction of the original bet. Surely there must be some force deliberately reminding them to create such a disruption. If you order correctly, remember to make a thanksgiving offering tray!

How to catch over/under It’s not difficult to apply and helps bettors win big. If you want to follow this betting sport, please visit the page New88 news Please!

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