What Are the Rules of Sam Game? Send 03 Super Tips to New Players

What are the rules of the Sam game? Is it as simple as other prize exchange card games? Is this an issue you have questions about and want us to answer? So right down here, Bookmaker New88 đăng nhập will reveal details from A to Z about this game!

What is ginseng?

Before finding out what the rules of Sam are, let’s clarify the basic concept of this betting game!

Sam is one of the reward card lines that is extremely popular with bettors both in reality and online. Attractive thanks to simple, uncomplicated gameplay and attractive payouts, making it difficult for newbies to refuse.

The game uses all 52 Joker cards and the rules are similar to the Southern Tien Len card game. However, it also has a few differences and we will clarify them further below!

What’s different about Sam’s rules?

The rules of the Sam game have many similarities with the Southern Tien Len card game, specifically:

  • Each bet requires 2-4 players to participate and each player will also be given 10 cards by the Dealer.
  • Players just need to pair numbers with the same value together to form a pair. Then combine numbers with consecutive values ​​to form a line without having to be the same color or suit.
  • However, in Sam’s rules, when the player bets, there is only one piece left in his right hand, signaling “Warning”. And the player at the end of the round must use every means to prevent that person from reaching the finish line.

Note: If you do not “Report” you will break the rules and become the loser in that turn.

03 experiences of playing Sam to win big from experts

Once you understand the rules of Sam, the next thing you need to do is equip yourself with a few good tips to stay unbeaten at the game.casino  New88. As follows:

Master the rule of “running leaves”

Unlike other prize exchange card games, Sam players can only hold 10 cards in hand. Your job is to combine them into duos or lines of 3 or more cards. They may not be the same color or substance.

However, try to run out all 10 cards as quickly as possible! Because the rules of Sam are quite easy, there are many players joining this game hall to free up their capital.

Choose a reputable, green bookmaker to bet

This is a factor that plays an important role in helping you change your life’s destiny. Therefore, you need to choose and learn carefully about the brand you are about to register to open a betting account with.

New bettors can base their bets on some of the criteria we suggest below, specifically as follows:

  • Online bookmakers must have legal business registration from trustworthy gambling organizations.
  • Regularly update entertainment products, services, and hot game titles on the market to enhance the betting experience.
  • The registration, deposit, and withdrawal procedures are relatively simple so anyone can do it.
  • Promotions change daily, regularly launching great vouchers and giftcodes to thank members.

Know when to stop at the right time

When playing casino games, you absolutely should not sit for too long because you will likely be caught by the house’s algorithm. Bettors should set a goal to achieve and then stop.

It’s best not to withdraw if you have lost 3 or more consecutive games, because Sam is a red-black betting game, so get up as soon as you are no longer alert enough to participate in the prize exchange.

When playing Sam online, what should you keep in mind?

When participating in betting, you not only have to clearly understand the rules of the Sam game, but you also have to follow a few small notes below to increase your chances of winning. As follows:

  • Check the transmission system before participating in the redemption so that you can receive all the profits when winning bets.
  • Do not leave two or four quarters to play on the last move.
  • Understand the game’s terminology to avoid losing completely.
  • Do not bet indiscriminately if you do not really believe in what you predict.
  • Remember to signal “Alert” when you only have one odd card left in your hand.
  • Draw prizes periodically so you don’t miss out on great promotions at the lobby.
  • Manage capital properly so you don’t have to face debt.
  • Maintain a stable attitude throughout the betting process, avoid letting your opponent “capture your cards”.


Through the article above, we have helped you clearly understand the current rules of playing Sam online. Hopefully the above sharing will help bettors hold the bonus in hand. Now let’s enjoy the continental betting space right away!

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