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All About Applicant Tracking Systems

Due to the increase in applicants for the job, the work schedule of a recruiter is becoming more hectic. There are far fewer job opportunities than there are applicants. Applicants try to create the best resume possible to get noticed by recruiters. It can be difficult for recruiters to choose from a variety of resumes. Both the company and applicants find the process of hiring time-consuming. For new companies, the old 20th-century hiring process, which involved going through all of the paperwork, is no longer appropriate. A new approach is needed by companies. The online application tracking system makes it easy for recruiters to be efficient.

What’s an applicant tracking system?

A computer program that organizes the entire recruitment process and helps to shortlist the most promising resumes is called an applicant tracking system. Applicant tracking systems use algorithms to help choose the best candidates by comparing their resumes with other applicants. These software’s are very popular in small and large businesses.

To be selected by the algorithm among the pile of resumes, applicants must make their resumes attractive. Your resume should reflect your relevant skills to help you rank higher than the rest.

What is an applicant tracking system?

Online job postings increase the number of applicants for companies. Manual selection is too labor-intensive. They can clear the cluster with the help of an applicant tracking system. When posting a job, recruiters must specify the qualifications and skills required for the job. The database of software stores every applicant’s resume. It then scans each resume and finds the skills that are required by the recruiter.

It ranks the top resumes that have all the necessary information for the job. The recruiter reviews the best resumes and then conducts an interview using the applicant tracking system.

Features of applicant track system-

Tracking of candidates

It monitors every candidate’s resumes and selects the most promising. It ensures that no candidate is overlooked. This helps the HR team to have more clarity on the entire process.


They are well-known for being accurate in applicant tracking systems. They are error-proof. Because of its accuracy, large companies use an online applicant tracking system to manage their hiring process.


The manual hiring process is different from the online application tracking system because of the speed. While humans can achieve accuracy up to a point, we lack speed. Online work is fast-paced. An applicant tracking system can help you keep up with this speed.

Team collaboration

The applicant tracking system can be shared by the hiring team. The workload is reduced when everything is in one place.

Custom workflow

Different workflows are used by different companies. You can make custom workflows for your company with the help of an applicant tracking software.

Real-time notifications

With instant notifications, you can track the movements of everyone in real time. The applicant tracking software keeps everyone up-to-date; it’s impossible to keep up with everyone in this fast-paced world.

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