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Heat can cause damage to your hard drive

Data loss from accidental corruption is much more common than you might imagine. Data loss can be as easy as dropping your phone on the pavement or spilling coffee on the floor.

Most of us have worked remotely in the past year. This is despite having to work under very unusual circumstances. Many professionals are now working from home and home-schooling their children. In moments of distraction, accidents can happen. Computer repair shops were able to continue operating during the lockdown because they were not closed. TickTockTech is only a phone call away for IT assistance in Scarboroughin areas such as M1C and M1M. You can get technical support and data recovery at a fair price.

Humans make mistakes. There is nothing we can change. We are all flawed by nature. To avoid future headaches and hassle, it is crucial that important data, photos and work be automatically backed up.

How heat can damage your hard drive?

Working from home during lockdown has another side effect: computers and other devices are used for longer periods of time, which causes mechanical and electrical components to work harder and produces more heat. Computer systems are generally affected by heat. They need cooling, fans and airflow in order to function properly. Computers without active cooling would freeze and eventually shut down.

Heat damage can also cause heat damage to hard drives.

You will notice performance problems if your hard drive temperature gets too high.

* Files can take longer to open than normal

* It takes a while for installed programs to load fully

* It takes your device a while to wake from standby or sleep mode.

* Device is unable to respond or has input lags when browsing the internet, typing or playing games

* The device may produce excessive heat.

* Computer enthusiasts spin louder than normal

You can make sure that the device cools immediately by turning it off, placing it on a cooling pad or stand (for laptops) or taking out the protective case (for smartphones). However, excessive heat can cause damage to the hard drive and other parts.

This can be prevented by monitoring the temperature of your phone or computer and taking reasonable steps to keep it cool.

  • Reduce the ambient temperature

* Increase airflow around the device

Keep fans, exhausts, and vents as clean and dust-free as possible

Ticktocktech’s certified professionals have the expertise and knowledge to help your business be more productive. We will provide IT support that is hassle-free for you by our IT hardware and software experts. If you aren’t satisfied with our service, we offer a full refund. You can cancel within 30 minutes. We are better than the geek Squad Scarborough , according to our customers.


A NAS or RAID system should not be relied upon to backup your data. They are not designed to protect against technological failures, power surges or other extreme events that could cause data loss.

It doesn’t matter what reason you have for worrying about data loss; time is critical. Data recovery from hard drives is delicate. You have a better chance of recovering data if you act quickly. To maximize your chances of recovery, you must immediately contact our data recovery experts.

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